mbeat® PT-18M Bluetooth Turntable Player (MMC, USB, Anti-skating, Preamplifier)--matt black

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mbeat® PT-18M Bluetooth Turntable Player (MMC, USB, Anti-skating, Preamplifier) 'The mbeat PT-18K is a quality turntable unit featuring all the essential components of an authentic analogue listening experience. Sporting a full-sizedmetal alloy platter, the PT-18K boasts signicantly reduced vibrations and signal disturbance, with a moving magnet cartridge for accurate tracking and cleaner sounds. An adjustable tonearm, with the right adjustments made to the counterweight and anti-skating force, allows the needle to run freely without distortion at any position on the disc. Play 33/45 RPM vinyl with your own speakers, either wired (RCA/Phono out) or unwired (Bluetooth transmitter), balanced through the built-in preamplier for the most vibrant sounds. A turntable tailored for true connoisseurs. Full Sized Platter - 295mm alloy platter for uniform stability and rotation, allowing high delity playback. Counterweight & Anti-Skating - adjustable counterweight and anti-skating force, imperative for tracking record grooves accurately without distortion. Moving Magnet Cartridge - pre-tted and aligned out of the box, enjoy clean, articulate sounds powered by built-in preamplier. Bluetooth Transmitter- listen to your records on Bluetooth compatible wireless speakers or headphones. Record to PC - play and record vinyl directly to your PC to digitise your collection, and take it with you on your PC, phone or tablet.' Specications: • Nominal Speeds: 33 1/3RPM, 45RPM • Speed Variance: ±1% • Wow and Flutter: ≤0.15% • Signal to Noise: 55dB • Down force Range: 3.0-6.0g • Eective Tonearm Length: 8.6' (218.5mm) • Overhang: 0.73in • Power Consumption: 5W (Max) • Power Supply: DC 12V/500mA • Product Dimensions (W x H x D): 420 x 360 x 125mm • Product Weight: 4.5kg

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