Jonsbo M.2-3 SSD Heatsink Cooling Pads for NVMe M.2 2280 SSD Heat Sink Dissipation Radiator Aluminum Alloy Red for Crucial P5 or WD SN850 PS5

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Jonsbo M.2-3 Heat Dissipation Radiator Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink Thermal Cooling Pads for M.2 2280 SSD All aluminum + anode sandblasting can not only improve the appearance of the whole machine, but also fit the chassis air duct with the 45 ° inclined wind guide structure, quickly remove the heat of SSD, and the mini size brings better compatibility

Diversion type all-aluminum heat sink, with high-quality thermal conductive silicone pad, quickly conduct heat to avoid overheating and slow down.

73 X 2 4.4 X 9.6mm

Applicable Type
M.2 interface 2280 spec. SSD,
only suitable for Single-Sided Chip Hard Disk

Physical Characteristics
Colour Red
Cooling Method: Drainage Passive Cooling

1 Year

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