BizVideo Video Conference Wall Mount Kit to suit IPE-BV21PTZCONF , Inc Mounting Hardware

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Kit Contents

1 x Wall Mount Bracket
1 x ¼ UNC x ¼ Camera Mount Screw
2 x 8G x 38mm Phillips Self Tapping Screws
2 x 6G x 38mm Phillips Self Tapping Screws
2 x Nylon Plasterboard Anchors
1 x Mounting instruction sheet

•Select a position so the camera is at a good level to the audience for best viewing.

•The Wall mount bracket can be installed with the base pointing up or down depending on your requirements or aesthetics.

•Fix the bracket to the wall using the screws provided. Use the 8G screws if fixing directly to a stud beam or the 6G screws and Nylon Plasterboard anchors if fixing into drywall/plasterboard sheet.

•You can use the bracket as a template for the screw hole position.

•Ensure the bracket base is horizontal/level so the camera moves from side to side smoothly.

•Ensure the DIN connector or cable does not have a sharp bend or forces pressure on the Camera’s DIN connector as this may void the Camera’s warranty.

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