PanzerGlass™ SilverBullet Case for Apple iPhone 13 Pro - ClearCase (0324), Slim, yet rugged, Scratch Resistance, Compatible with wireless charging

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PanzerGlass™ SilverBullet Case for Apple iPhone 13 Pro - ClearCase (0324)

Brand new case to Premium segment to ensure a stronger distinction.

Antibacterial PanzerGlass – proven to kill up to 99.99% of most common surface bacteria that may affect this product.

Built for Toughness – The strongest case we ever made – PMMA backside and 100% recycled TPU frame – Millitary grade standard.


The ultimate survivor
Tested under extreme Conditions
Slim, yet rugged
Military grade standard
Honeycomb design giving high impact resistant interior
Antibacterial (certified JIS22810-ISO 22196)
Scratch Resistance
Compatible with wireless charging
Black frame made of 100% recycled TPU
Traction Grip and oversized tactile buttons
Full access to all function

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